Why Bamboo & Why Us?

As seasoned parents, whose kids have extremely sensitive skin and eczema, we spent years researching fabrics that give the most comfort and coziness to our children. We found bamboo is the best material for bath towels and blankets thanks to its unparalleled range of benefits. The buttery softness & smoothness of bamboo fiber is comparable to silk but it is even better because it is from plants, instead of from living creatures.

We have searched and vetted carefully all the highest quality bamboo sources and factories to make the best bamboo bath towels and blankets for our brand. We focus and dedicate all our effort to the bamboo material for our towels and blankets product lines which in turn, makes Kloud Bambu the best expert brand in this category on the market. 

Kloud Bambu towels and blankets are:

Buttery soft and plush

Baby's skin is delicate & sensitive. Any contact with rough material will irritate their skin and can lead to other skin conditions such as rashes, itches,... Moreover, for babies who have eczema, their skin is extremely sensitive; any touch with other ordinary towels & blankets will cause pain and irritation to them.

However, with premium Kloud Bambu towels and blankets, babies are wrapped in cloudy soft, velvety smooth, and plush layers. They feel cozy and snuggle. They feel comfy and safe. They would not be cranky at bath time and they would sleep longer

Ultra absorbent 

Have you ever had a towel that is soft to the touch but didn’t absorb water and just left you feeling wet?  I had this experience with an expensive towel I bought that left me feeling frustrated. I kept rubbing the towel in vain against my skin in hope of getting dry. In the end I was disappointed, I had high hopes for this towel but it didn’t do its job to get me or my baby dry. At that moment, I knew I needed a towel that not only softly glides on my baby's skin but also is super thirsty to absorb all water after a bath.

Time to experience Kloud Bambu towels! Unlike your previous experience with other towels, you will be surprised how absorbent Kloud Bambu towels are if you just try it once. Just wrap Kloud Bambu towels around your baby, without any rubbing and you will see all water is taken away in no time and leave your baby with a clean & fresh feeling without any dampness left on their skin.

Naturally regulates body temperature & breathable

Babies cannot regulate their bodies' temperature until 18 months. They depend completely on their parents to dress them right, to keep them not too cold and not too hot. It is kind of a tricky problem for parents because babies cannot express when the just-right comfort level is for them.

Thanks to superb natural characteristics of Kloud Bambu's finest bamboo material, our bamboo blankets can naturally regulate body temperature, keep baby cool in summer, warm in winter and never overheat. Our blankets are breathable and keep babies warm and snuggled for a better, deeper, longer
sleep. When babies sleep more, parents can sleep more too.

Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial, & odor resistant

According to researchers, towels are the ideal home for germs and bacteria thanks to its frequently-wet/damp condition. We use towels for babies at least once a day but we don't usually throw the towels into washing machine right after every single use, do we? It is true for me, at least.

Ordinary towels take hours or days to get dry and do not have natural benefits of antibacterial and odor resistance. Those towels will host & nurture germs on them, then transfer germs to your baby's skin on the next use. We surely
don't want that. 

Kloud Bambu towels possess antibacterial properties, so our bath linens naturally resist mildew and odor. Our towels are also get dry faster after use, so you will always have dry, clean, fresh, and softest towel whenever you need them.

Biodegradable & eco-friendly

Being parents is a hard job. You do not only care about feeding, raising, and choosing the best things for your children at present but also are thinking far ahead about their future, their living environment and their offspring's as well. Every single choice we make today will have an impact - big or small on our
children's future, thus, the more we go green, the better planet we leave behind for our kids.

Kloud Bambu products are made from sustainable natural resource bamboo plants which require zero harmful pesticides to thrive, need only one-third of water amount compared with other similar-size plants while yield 35% more oxygen. After many years of use, once it is the time to let Bambi Bamboo
products return to the nature, they are completely biodegradable so they don’t leave any footprint on the earth.

 So, what are you waiting for? Get a couple Kloud Bambu towels and blankets for your little ones today and enjoy the happiness in your heart when seeing their smiles and their excitement while using the best towels, blankets they have ever had.