15 Exciting Swimming Activities to Make Your Kids' Summer Splashtastic

Summer is here, and it's time to dive into some fun-filled swimming activities with your kids! 

Whether you're hitting the pool, beach, or backyard sprinkler, swimming offers endless opportunities for excitement and adventure. From classic games to creative challenges, there's something for every water-loving child to enjoy.

In this blog post, we'll explore 15 top swimming activities to keep your kids entertained and engaged all summer long.

Marco Polo

A timeless favorite, Marco Polo is a classic swimming game that kids of all ages love. One player closes their eyes and counts while the others scatter.

The player who is "it" calls out "Marco," and the others respond with "Polo." It's a game of stealth, strategy, and lots of laughs!

Underwater Tea Party

Transform your pool into an underwater wonderland with an underwater tea party! Encourage your kids to wear goggles and dive to the bottom of the pool to collect "tea bags" (waterproof toys or objects).

Once they've gathered their treasures, host a tea party on the pool deck complete with snacks and refreshments.

Float Relay Race 

Challenge your kids to a relay race using pool floats or inflatable rafts. Divide into teams and race across the pool, passing the float from one team member to the next. It's a great way to encourage teamwork and friendly competition while practicing swimming strokes.

Water Balloon Toss

Cool off and have a blast with a water balloon toss! Fill up some balloons with water and take turns tossing them back and forth with your kids. See how far you can throw them without breaking, and prepare for plenty of giggles and splashes along the way.

Beach Ball Basketball

Turn your pool into a basketball court with a beach ball and a floating hoop. Challenge your kids to sink as many shots as they can while treading water or floating on rafts. It's a fun and active way to improve hand-eye coordination and shooting skills.

Diving for Treasure

Create an underwater treasure hunt by tossing coins or diving toys into the pool. Challenge your kids to dive down and retrieve as many treasures as they can before time runs out. It's a fantastic way to build swimming skills and confidence while adding an element of excitement to pool time.

Backyard Water Olympics

Host your very own backyard water Olympics with a series of fun and challenging events. Set up stations for activities like water balloon toss, sponge relay race, and slip-n-slide sprint. Award medals or prizes to the winners and create lasting memories with your kids.

Noodle Jousting

Grab some pool noodles and have a jousting match with your kids. Each player sits on an inflatable raft or pool float while holding a pool noodle. Use the noodles to try and knock each other off their rafts while staying afloat yourself. It's a hilarious and exciting game that's sure to keep everyone entertained.

Poolside Picnic

Combine swimming with a delicious poolside picnic for the ultimate summer experience. Pack a basket full of your favorite snacks and refreshments and enjoy a relaxing meal by the water. Don't forget to bring along some towels and sunscreen to keep everyone comfortable and protected from the sun.

Synchronized Swimming Routine

Encourage your kids to choreograph their own synchronized swimming routine to their favorite song. Whether it's a graceful ballet or an energetic dance number, let their creativity shine as they perform their routine for family and friends.

Whale Watching

Practice swimming skills and teamwork with a game of "whale watching." One player is the "whale" and swims underwater while the others stand on the pool deck and watch.

The whale tries to swim past the watchers without being seen, while the watchers try to spot the whale and call out its location.

DIY Slip and Slide

Create your own backyard slip and slide using a tarp, water hose, and a bit of dish soap. Lay the tarp out on a grassy slope, add some water and soap, and let your kids slide and splash their way down. It's a simple and inexpensive way to beat the heat and have a blast outdoors.

Shark Tag

Channel your inner shark with a game of shark tag. One player is the "shark" and tries to tag the other players as they swim around the pool. Once tagged, players become sharks themselves and join in the fun of tagging the remaining players.

Poolside Yoga

Combine swimming with relaxation and mindfulness with a poolside yoga session. Lead your kids through a series of gentle yoga poses and stretches designed to improve flexibility and promote relaxation. It's a great way to unwind after a day of swimming and outdoor play.

Dolphin Races

Inspire your kids' inner dolphins with a race across the pool. Challenge them to swim like dolphins, using smooth and powerful strokes to propel themselves through the water.

Set up a finish line and see who can reach it first in this exciting and exhilarating race.


Swimming activities offer endless opportunities for fun, excitement, and bonding with your kids during the summer months.

Whether you're playing classic games like Marco Polo, hosting your own backyard water Olympics, or getting creative with synchronized swimming routines, there's something for every water-loving child to enjoy.

So grab your swimsuits, sunscreen, and sense of adventure, and make this summer one to remember with these top swimming activities for kids!

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