5 Top Benefits of Swaddling to Baby

Swaddling is one of the most effective, gentle and beneficial for parents and their children. There are a lot of benefits of swaddling a baby. It does not only calms and soothes babies, but also helps babies sleep longer. Recent studies have found that infants are quieter, sleep more, and have lower and more stable heart rates when swaddled. When done correctly, swaddling is a wonderful and safe way to help calm and comfort your baby.

Swaddling  helps to soothe a newborn to sleep and it mimics the womb

The transition from womb to the world is not easy for your little ones. Babies may find themselves in a cold and bright world from what was once a warm, cozy environment. Swaddling recreates the secure and cozy feeling of the womb, making this transition from baby easier. Swaddles are made to mimic the womb-like feeling that newborns are used to. When wrapped just tight enough, babies will feel warm, comfortable, and safe which helps them to transition from alert to calm.

Swaddling  moderates the moro reflex

One of the benefits of swaddling a baby is that it helps alleviate the effects of the Moro reflex. The Moro reflex, or startle reflex, is a normal neurological response which causes a newborn to feel as though they are free falling. The presence of the Moro reflex is an indication of a healthy infant, the effects can become distressing if your baby’s sleep is disturbed too often by the involuntary movements that it triggers. Swaddling babies prevents those unconstrained movements from waking them, which gives them a much more peaceful night's sleep.

Swaddling helps regulate the temperature

In their first few days of our baby's life, the newborn’s internal thermostat needs time to adjust to its new environment. While swaddling baby can help maintain the optimal temperature for baby, it is important to ensure that you are using a high-quality breathable swaddle, such as Bambi Bamboo's Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blanket because it has this superb natural characteristic of Bambi Bamboo's finest bamboo material, our bamboo blankets can naturally regulate body temperature, keep baby cool in summer, warm in winter and never overheat. Our blankets are breathable and keep babies warm and snuggled for a better, deeper, longer

sleep. When babies sleep more, parents can sleep more too.

Swaddling helps alleviate colic

Colic is one of the most frustrating challenges parents face in their child’s first few months. Any parent who has experienced a baby with colic will tell you that it can be one of the most difficult parenting experiences. Considered a result of a bacterial imbalance or incomplete gastrointestinal development. Colic is accompanied by seemingly inexplicable and inconsolable crying.  Colic is mainly thought to be the result of a developing digestive system, making it difficult for the baby to digest food. One of the benefits of swaddling a baby is that it can have a wonderfully soothing and therapeutic effect on a baby suffering from colic by applying light pressure to the baby's belly. The pressure and cocoon-like feeling mimics the womb and provides relief for the baby.

Swaddling makes babies happier

It creates the secure and cozy feeling of the womb. It is also known that swaddling babies prevents movements called the moro or startle reflex from waking them, which allows for a much more peaceful night's sleep. 

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