Bamboo Towels vs. Cotton Towels. Which one is better?

We all know that there are a wide array of bath towel materials. Each of the materials has different benefits for our skin and our health in general, and some are able to dry out moisture faster than others. For this blog, we'll look into and comparing two of the most popular types of towels on the market Bamboo Towels and Cotton Towels. 

Cotton Towels

Cotton towels are the most common towel and is probably what you're using right now. It’s the traditional fabric used in bath towels. There are claims that cotton is the best material to craft a towel, but let us go further beyond and explain to you exactly why people have this conception.

  • Affordability

Cotton is an affordable material which at the same time manages to offer a good quality to buyers. This makes it so popular and the most mainstream type of towel out there. 

  • Convenient to wash and use

Cotton towels are very easy to maintain clean. All you need is a washing machine and you’re all set!

  • Breathable

Cotton has the finest natural fabrics, which allows cotton towels to dry quickly.

  • Rough to touch after a few washes

Cotton towels tend to turn rough and scratchy after a few washes. The roughness will irritate the skin, especially baby’s skin. It will also lose its absorbency, leave water on the skin and damp feeling. To baby or any delicate skin, this can lead to further skin issues such as rashes, acne..

  • Prone to damage

Cotton towels are prone to damage more easily than their bamboo counterparts.

  • Dyes and washing

Avoid washing your cotton towels in the washing machine with other clothes in it. Sometimes the dye might bleed off the towel and affect the coloration of other items.

  • Shrinking issues

Some cotton towels are prone to shrinking.

Bamboo Towels

On the other hand, the bamboo textile is a modern material. It requires high technology and machines to produce bamboo yarn. Bamboo towels are made entirely out of bamboo fibers. Bamboo towels are generally very soft and have high antibacterial qualities. These attributes have made these towels are very popular in recent times. 

bamboo baby towel
  • Highly absorbent & Fast drying

Bamboo towels are great in soaking up water, 4 times more absorbent than cotton towels which wick away any wetness, leaves clean, dry, and fresh feeling to your skin. 

  • Eco-friendly and Biodegradable

These towels are actually eco-friendly and good for your well-being. No pesticides or hazardous chemicals are used in growing and harvesting bamboo thanks to its naturally antibacterial characteristics. Bamboo plants thrive naturally and the fastest growing plant on the planet which makes it a sustainable resource.

  • Plush, Silky soft, & Comfort

The towels are mind-blowingly soft to the touch. Velvety plushness gives comfort and cozy feeling when being wrapped in bamboo towels. Bamboo towels are kind to skin, especially allergy-prone skin, It’s anti-static and sits well next to your skin, no irritation.

  • Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial, & odor resistant

Bamboo towels have antibacterial properties, they naturally resist mildew and odor. Bamboo towels also get dry faster after use, so you will always have dry, clean, fresh, and softest towel whenever you need them.

unicorn hooded towel

  • A bit more expensive than cotton but quite worth it

It takes more effort to spur bamboo plant to fiber and weave them to fabric material than cotton so bamboo towels’ price is a bit higher than cotton towels. However, it is completely worth to own bamboo towels because of all the superb benefits mentioned above.

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