Things first-time mom should know

Being a first-time mom is a wonderful and a great experience, but it can also be overwhelming.

Most of us, first-time mom is struggling whether if what we're doing is good enough. It’s normal to worry about our babies, and if our babies do something wrong, we always ask ourselves if we did anything to cause the behavior. For us, first-time moms, we are faced with a lot of challenges that will affect our schedule, our health, and our mentality. So how do we figure out which advice to take, and which to ignore completely? 

I have a few best tips for new moms to help cope with this new period of our lives:

Stop comparing yourself to other moms.

Don't worry about what other moms are doing. Do not compare yourself, instead ask advice and do some research. You have to learn about new things, some of which are diet, breastfeeding, physical issues, putting the baby to sleep. Do not be afraid to ask, and at the same time, do not be afraid to admit what you do not know. Remind yourself that every mom and baby are different and you really have no one is better than the other. 

Always trust your instinct. 

You may do some research but always trust your instincts. There may be times that you are not so sure what to do, and or how to do some things. And when you get conflicting and confusing advice from others, your research is important, but in times of uncertainty, just always remember that your mother instinct is always there for you, and it is there for some reason. 

Do not over shop.

First-time moms have a tendency to over shop for baby stuff such as clothes, toys, and other baby products. You don't need so much for a newborn baby. They will outgrow most of it within weeks! It is okay to be excited, it is okay to shop, but do not let your excitement empty your wallet. Instead, make a list of the essential items your baby needs, hand-me-down baby clothes and toys are okay.  It's okay not to buy everything, instead, put some of the money into a savings account for your baby. At the end of the day, always remember babies aren't babies forever!

Be calm and always smile. 

Motherhood may not be as easy as you imagine, it could be a lot of work, frustrations, insecurities. If you need some fresh air, ask your husband, partner or relatives for help, for you to take a breath. Try to avoid being nervous around your newborn, as nervousness might affect the baby negatively. Stay calm and the baby will be calm.


Associate your significant other

Similarly to other first-time moms, you want to focus entirely on your baby and be hands-on. With that, make sure your husband is fully involved and take time for yourself, and you both will be better parents if you do. 

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