How often should I bath my baby?

Most first-time parents find themselves asking questions and one of it is: How often should I bathe my baby? Well, we have answered that question below: 

How often do I need to bathe my baby?

You can sponge bath the baby for the first few weeks to a month while the stump of the baby’s umbilical cord will not fall off and heal completely.  Once the umbilical cord stump has dried up and fallen off and completely healed you can freely bathe the baby, however as for the frequency is concerned, I would recommend to bathe your baby three to four times a week because too much bathing could be very drying to your baby’s skin.  

When is the better time to bathe my baby?

It is actually up to each mom. However, it's better to choose a time where you have more time and you're not in a rush, you'll not be interrupted. Most of the moms prefer morning baths, this is when the baby is alert. Some choose to bathe their babies at night as a part of their bedtime routine. However please take note that if you opt to bathe the baby after feeding, just be sure to wait for your baby to burp and let their tummy settle first. 

What is the recommended water temperature for bathing a baby?

Warm water is the best temperature for bathing a baby. Make sure to test the water temperature before bathing the baby, we have to remember that they’re still sensitive and a little bit warm water could burn them.  

What should be washed first?

It is recommended to start with washing the face,  down to their toes. Once done with the body, then you can start washing the hair. Make sure to gently massage the head and rinse it using a damp washcloth. 

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