How to soothing a crying baby

There's no getting around it: Babies cry a lot, and it's irritating sometimes. But we have to remember that it's their way of communicating. It's their way of telling you that they're hungry, something is painful, they need to sleep and the list goes on. Now the question is, how would you know exactly what your baby is trying to tell you? 

A dirty diaper

This is probably the first thing that we check every time the baby cries, which is right. On the other hand, some babies can tolerate a dirty diaper for quite a while. Either way, we need to sniff and check the diaper if it is soiled, this is one of the easiest and simple remedies. 


Commonly, this is the first thing most of the moms think of when the baby cries. However, we need to learn how to recognize the signs of hunger for us, moms, to know when to start feeding the baby before they start to cry. The most common hunger signs in newborns include lip-smacking, fussing, putting their hands to their mouth, and when the baby turns their head toward your hand when you touch their cheek/s. 

Needs to burp

Burping isn't required, however, we would suggest giving your baby a good burp because the swallowed air when they suck from the feeding bottle or breastfeed which may cause discomfort if the air won't be released.

Needs sleep

We may think that tired babies should be able to go to sleep, anytime, anywhere. But it's harder than you can imagine. Instead of sleeping, babies may fuss and cry – especially when they're really tired.

Not feeling well

The most difficult way of soothing the baby is when they're feeling something, or if they're in pain. They can't talk and it's very hard for us mothers to identify what's causing the baby to cry. You've already tried every baby's basic needs and you've already comforted your baby, but s/he won't stop crying, she could be coming down with something. In this case, you may want to check the baby's temperature just to rule out the fever and be aware of other signs of illness. 

What to do? You’ve checked everything, but still, the baby won’t stop crying? 

  • We can give a good list of reasons why your baby is crying, the next step is to be able to deal with them. There are so many ways to calm an infant. As the days passed by, you'll get to be familiar with your baby and identify how you can meet her needs. Understanding and getting to know your baby more, the faster way that you can calm them. But it can't be avoided that there will be times that you've tried and did everything you can think of, but still, the baby won't stop crying. If that happens, then it's time to move on and try a different technique.
  • Swaddling is one of the best comfort techniques and a great trick for babies and it works amazingly with most babies regardless of what is causing their fussiness. Your baby is used to being inside the uterus and after giving birth, it's going to be a new environment to adjust to because your baby can move all over the place, with no control. Swaddling helps your baby to feel secure and safe.. And the most amazing and the best part is, all you need is to swaddle a baby using an appropriately sized blanket.
  • Make sure to keep the baby wrapped tightly but not too tightly. Just make sure your baby should still be able to move but not to be free out of the swaddle. Allow your baby to wiggle but not to the point that the baby can move his/her limbs away, it will defeat the purpose of swaddling. 

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