Tips on How To Take Care of Your Bamboo Viscose Products

Wondering how to safely care for your bamboo viscose products especially when doing a laundry? You have come to the right place.

Your Kloud Bambu viscose fabric requires neither difficult nor time-consuming maintenance. Your bamboo viscose blankets and towels won't even require anything special from your house to last for years.

Care Tips For Your Bamboo Viscose Products

Fabric made of bamboo viscose is durable and sturdy by nature. You may absolutely preserve the bamboo viscose clothing you buy for your child for a longer period of time with extra care and effort.

1. Separate bamboo viscose stuff

Separating your bamboo materials is unquestionably the best course of action to avoid pilling or additional damage, just like you would separate colored and white fabrics.

Distinguish towels and blankets made of bamboo viscose from other items of apparel. Plan a wash day when you solely wash bamboo if you have a sizable collection of bamboo viscose household items.

2. Wash in cold water

When bamboo fabrics are washed in cold to warm water up to 40 degrees Celsius, their unique features will remain. For some finished clothes and fabric types, you might wish to use a mild cycle to ensure the longest wear. Use a mild soap powder or liquid and utilize gentle wash cycle or wash by hand.

For our bamboo viscose items, we advise washing rather than dry cleaning.

3. Use a gentle detergent

Choose a gentle, biodegradable liquid laundry detergent and use a small amount. In order to reduce extraneous residue, try halving your typical detergent amount or using no more than a tablespoon.

4. Omit the bleach and fabric softener

We advise against using fabric softener because bamboo is a naturally soft fabric that will remain so even after washing.

Skip the bleach, too. We advise against using bleach because it frequently results in discoloration. As a natural fabric softener, think about adding a few drops of distilled white vinegar to your wash cycle instead.

5. Clean up the stains

Babies and children can make life messy, and bamboo is no different from other fabrics in this regard. There are numerous non-toxic stain removers available, but a quick DIY solution is to combine hydrogen peroxide and blue Dawn dishwashing liquid soap.

Simply rub the mixture gently on the stained spot. Just be certain to thoroughly rinse before washing.

For difficult stains, soak for 30 to 45 minutes before washing. Prior to drying your laundry, always try to treat the stain.

The sun is another another straightforward remedy for stains, especially on white collars and trim! Yes, our grandmothers adored doing it before bleach and fabric conditioner were widely used.

Your bamboo viscose blankets and towels should be laid flat with the stained side towards the sun while they are still moist after the wash. If it's cloudy, that's fine. Just remember to bring them inside once they are dry to avoid fading.

6. Line dry or low-speed tumble

The ideal drying method is on a line in the sun. Dry your bamboo towels and blankets on a line if at all possible.

It's okay to use the dryer, but don't go overboard! To reduce heat damage, tumble dry on low if you're using a dryer. Damaged fabrics may arise from over-drying.

7. Store in a dry, cool area

Place your bamboo towels and blankets in a fabric bag or storage container if you're keeping them for a sibling or future use. Cardboard boxes and plastic containers can trap moisture and make clothing more susceptible to mildew.


While there are specific steps to keep in mind for your Kloud Bambu Bamboo Viscose Blankets and Towels to last longer, taking care of them is as easy as a walk in park.

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