Top 5 Reasons Why Bamboo Viscose Are Best For Babies

Children and infants frequently have sensitive skin. Even yet, it doesn't make dealing with it any easier.

Daily strains can damage our children's delicate skin, resulting in redness, inflammation, and discomfort a situation that no parent wants their child to go through.

Even if there are numerous all-natural treatments for sensitive skin in children, avoiding triggers is one of the simplest options.

The most typical offender? Rough fabrics - especially synthetic textiles like polyester.

This was personally discovered by the founder of Kloud Bambu when searching for textiles that wouldn't hurt her baby's delicate skin. She discovered bamboo viscose fabric is the best type of fabric that won't bother her baby's skin.

Why Bamboo Viscose Towels and Blankets Are Best for Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Customers and dermatologists alike agree that bamboo viscose is the best fabric for eczema-prone and sensitive skin.

Cools down sensitive skin

One of the most frequent causes of skin irritability is heat. Being heated is bad for the skin, causing everything from heat rash to damp sheets.

Keeping skin cold reduces the severity of eczema's symptoms. For skin that is prone to eczema, it's crucial to avoid using hot water in the shower and keep cool while you sleep. Again, bamboo viscose saves the day in this situation.

It is highly recommended to wear body-skimming clothing made of breathable materials, such as bamboo viscose, when sleeping in a cool place, and keep the humidity in your home between 45 and 55 percent for the healthiest skin possible.

Bamboo viscose lessens skin irritation

The friction that is produced by rough fabric might irritate the skin. Itching results from the first irritation, which aggravates sensitive skin.

The initial skin problem is only the start. Skin that is scratched becomes thicker and more irritating. Therefore, the itchier you get the more you scratch.

Medical professionals advise avoiding the trigger altogether and choosing a supple, silky fabric, such as bamboo viscose. The skin is soothed by the silky texture, which also lessens skin irritation and the accompanying itching.

Not chemically-treated

To put it simply, Chemicals can irritate sensitive skin and cause sensitivity. Towels and blankets made of bamboo viscose by Kloud Bambu are never treated with fire retardants or chemicals that can irritate the skin.

Eczema-friendly bamboo viscose

Baby’s delicate skin is the very reason why tens of thousands of parents have recently switched the clothing they use on their children from cotton to bamboo viscose. The softness of the bamboo viscose fabric is definitely the best for eczema-prone skin. Itchy skin makes fabric selection for your children incredibly critical.


Don't simply take it from us. Here are some comments from actual parents regarding the impact Kloud Bambu bamboo viscose towels and blankets had on their infants' delicate skin:

“Best baby towel we’ve used so far. Nice, thick, very absorbent and bigger than other towels” ~ Lauren Poling.

“The best quality towel we own for our little one. It is thick, plush, pretty, and super cozy soft” ~ Sarah Fields


It is undeniable that bamboo viscose fabric is the best choice for babies, not only with sensitive skin. It is super soft, durable, and hypoallergenic.

Our collection of bamboo viscose baby products are mind-blowingly soft, extremely gentle for babies with sensitive skin while stays hypoallergenic.

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